VRoom is a VR real estate industrial application launched by ConductorVR in May 2015.
It is characterized by the R&D and integration of world-leading VR, MR, eye control, big data analysis and other technologies and applied in multiple industries, including real estate, home decoration, urban planning and tourism.
VRoom allows as many as 8 users to experience in a large space of 200sqm simultaneously, thus realizing highly vivid people interaction and people-objects interaction in a virtual space. Realize the direct display of VR scenes through Built-in MR Live technology.Coupled with the VR Eyetrack Data System, it can further collect the behavioral data of users in the VR space.
  • Space-Scale Multiplayer
    VRoomXL is jointly developed by ConductorVR and the world-leading motion capture technology company Noitom. It is the world's first large-space multi-person interactive VR application in the real estate industry.VRoomXL supports as many as 8 users to freely experience in the VR experience zone, which perfectly enhance the marketing effects and marketing efficiency of urban planning, commercial complex and other large scene projects.
  • Domestic First Room-level Multi-person VR Real Estate Solution
    VRoomX is independently developed by ConductorVR and it is the first multi-person interactive VR application in the real estate industry in China. VRoomX supports multiple users to experience VR real estate product simultaneously. It also allows the potential buyers and the sales counselor to stay in the same virtual scene, thus effectively reducing the threshold of product introduction and communication and increasing the project sales efficiency.
  • Domestic Leading Interactive VR Real Estate Solution
    VRoom-M is independently developed by ConductorVR and it is a domestically-leading interactive VR application in the real estate industry. VRoom-M supports the integral experience of multiple spatial scenes. Its unique interactive interface allows the user to smoothly experience all scenes from indoors to outdoors without the need to remove the helmet, thus reducing the operating threshold of the sales counselor and enhancing the purchasing experience of the user.
  • Portable VR Real Estate Solution
    VRoomS is a portable VR real estate solution developed by ConductorVR based on top layer development and trans-platform compatibility. It is compatible with GearVR, Oculus CV1 and other topnotch portable VR equipment, which allows the user to better experience the immersion and portability of a commercial VR application and makes it more convenient for trans-regional project marketing.
VRoom Features


Space-Scale Multiplayer

The display of planning effects and scenes of a large-scale project is normally restricted technically and thus users can hardly feel and experience the effects of the completed product directly.ConductorVR large-space multi-person interaction technology enables an experience space of 50–200 sqm and supports as many as 8 users to interact and exchange in the same VR scene. Such unlimited VR experience effects and large-space all-around display can effectively enhance the marketing and display effects of a large-scale project.
VRoom Features


Multi-scene integration system

For a project with multiple products, e.g. a large-scale comprehensive project involving commercial center, sand table, model home and community, the abstractness of product display adds to the difficulty of the buyer in understanding and experiencing the product.The multi-scene integration system of ConductorVR can integrate multiple types of scenes in the same scene and allow the user to experience all products at the same time.The sales counselor can guide and introduce to the customers according to the scene, thus substantially enhancing the marketing efficiency of the product.
VRoom Features


Indoor and outdoor space recovery

The marketing period of a real estate project is essential to the project sale and the recovery of project revenues. However, the conventional marketing mode is most usually restricted by the progress of model home/model section. As a result, the marketing strategy and plan are also affected.ConductorVR\'s indoor and outdoor space recovery technology can realize 1:1 recovery of a product\'s indoor and outdoor scenes from 7 to 30 days.The indoor scene can display each decoration detail of the finely-decorated model home. The outdoor scene can fully display the landscapes of the community.The VR experience thus is fully compliant with the project conditions upon completion.As such, marketing work is no longer restricted by project progress, ensuring the smooth implementation of the marketing strategy.
VRoom Features


Day and night rotation system

In the conventional marketing mode, the user needs to spend considerable time in order to completely know about the daylight, landscape and environmental conditions of a project.The day and night rotation system of ConductorVR can simulate the lighting effects of day and night and the corresponding spatial environment changes in a virtual scene within a given period of time, thus allowing the user to fully experience the changes in real environment in a vivid way in a short time and lowering the buyer\'s threshold of decision-making.
VRoom Features


Scene individualization system

Individualization is a key index by which a user, particularly a high-end user, purchases a real estate product.The conventional marketing tool is too costly if the project effects have to be individualized for the customer.ConductorVR\'s scene individualization system enables a buyer to choose the apartment layout, change the furniture arrangement, customize the wallpaper, and try other home products in a virtual scene at a low cost. The user can operate the product easily and choose different customized products conveniently.The sales counselors can observe and record and thus provide satisfactory customized products to the user.
VRoom Features


VR eyetrack data sales support system

User\'s experience feedbacks are essential to the marketing and promotion of a realty product. However, such feedbacks can hardly be summarized efficiently in a conventional marketing mode. ConductorVR\'s VR Eyetrack Data System can visually trace the customer in a VR scene and collect the VR eyetrack data of the customer on a real-time basis.A sales counselor can readily observe the focal points of the model home/community to the user and adjust the sales rhetoric and strategy on a real-time basis.The VR eyetrack data report generated on such basis can help the sales counselors to better compile their marketing and promotional strategy.
VRoom Features


Built-in MR Live

Although VR enhances the display effects of a real estate product, the threshold is high for the customer to understand it due to enclosure of VR device (helmet), thus affecting the promotional effects of the product.Therefore, ConductorVR has developed the Built-in MR Live feature which combines the green curtain keying technology and the virtual reality content production to realize the mixed output of VR content and real experience.Simply speaking, it is possible to see the real person in a virtual space and thus turn VR project visitation into a grand live broadcast. The customers can be involved in the interactive scene without the need to wear a helmet. Coupled with live broadcast and other marketing modes, it can substantially enhance the promotional effects of the product.
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